Thursday, April 21, 2005

My first posting

Below is my first posting from 'Journal of a Lost Seeker', on April 20, 2005. 'Journal of a Lost Seeker' is deprecate, no longer in use.

I finally setup a blog for myself after planning to for a long time. It took me a long time before I found a URL not taken. I orginally wanted 'lostwanderer', but it was already taken. Other names I tried were, 'lostronin', 'wanderer', 'seeker', 'journeyman', and many others.

So what am I gonna post in my blogs. It seems Blogs are like open journals/dairies, and I guess thats the way I'll treat this blog. So I'll fill it up with random thoughts and my trials in learning new things.

Even tho 'lostseeker' wasn't my first choice, it wasn't a bad one either. I'm always looking for my place in this world, new things to learn, and the truth. And so I think the name of this blog is a good fit for me and my postings.

Change of Path

Why a new URL? A new blog? The answer is very simple. I view everything as organic processes, life, death, growth and decay. My quest for a blog has grown into a clearer vision. And in the process, I have found that 'Journal of a Lost Seeker' was too small to contain it all. But that isn't entirely correct or accurate either.

In the beginning, I wanted a blog. A place where I can write about my struggles with learning new technologies (I’m a techie) and other things. But soon after creating my first blog, I found I have more to express about "other things" than I have about new technologies. And blogging both about technology and "other things" in, 'Journal of a Lost Seeker', didn't feel right, it felt crowded.

So what are these "other things"? I originally called it in 'My fist posting' as "random thoughts". In it, I also said, "I'm always looking for my place in this world, new things to learn, and the truth", which better express what I want to share. To put it clearly, the "other things", the purpose of this blog is to share my inner most, wandering thoughts about philosophy, religion, purpose, what's right, what's wrong, dreams, hopes, the world, life, the meaning thereof, etc., and my struggles with it all.

In short, I write what it means to be me.