Monday, May 23, 2005

By the Sea

Hi All,

This is a poem that I wrote for fun on Nov 23, 2004. This is not representative of my usually work. It was inspired and based on another poem, written by a truly great poet, Edgar Allen Poe.
In a kingdom by the sea,
I live high up in a sepulchre,
dreamming of my sweet Lady,
who is so far away from me.

What seem like long, long ago,
but were not a mere day or so,
she embark on a ship of hers
leaving me in my sepulchre,
in a kingdom by the sea.

Her name so sweet to me,
lives in a land far me,
I wonder if she thinks of me,
high, high up in a spulchre,
In this kingdom by the sea.

What sight, what wonder,
many cry near by
at the sky, at the sea
In this land of acclaim beauty,
so dark, so lifeless to me
without she, who is so fair
Yet so so far away
from this kingdom by the sea

It must be fate, no the Gods
that has taken her away from me.
Jealous are they
of the smiles she showers me
so sweet, so lovely
That angels weep, envy of me

It must be they
not half so happy in Heaven,
went evying her beauty and me
Yes! that must be the reason
they conspire to take her away from me
leaving me alone in this sepulchre
Alone in a kingdom, by the sea.

But my Love for she,
who is so sweet to me
is stronger than the forces of that be
For I so love my sweet lady
she who makes me so happy

With the stars I see
the bright eyes of she,
who is so sweet to me.
By moon light I dream
dream so sweet, dreams
of mid night pleasures
lying by the sea.

And with every tide, I see
so lonely in this kingdom by the sea,
her return to me, to my sepulchre,
high, high up near by the sea,
to once again make me happy,
in a lovely kingdom by the sea.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Love is Fated

This is a poem I wrote while a senior in High School, 1st half of 1994. It was inspired by a koan I heard and is representative of a lot of poems I wrote during that time. It's called, Love is Fated.
Love Comes
Love Goes
Love Obtain
Love Lost

To maintain Love
shall result as if not
Not to maintain Love
shall result as if did

Why then,
try to change that
Which fate
has already decided

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Without You

I live without you
through endless days
since you gone away

I live in a world
of faded dreams
of sweet yesterdays

Yet you are still here
at the edge of my senses
just beyond my reach

A tingle on my skin
a whisper in my ear
a constant companion
that's never there